Global product option

You can upload digital product or normal product in our store. You can set up size, color, capacity etc with the products.


Set up any promotion as you want

Free shiping or even min order for free shipping. Buy one get one free or second 50% off etc. you can do any promotion as you want, the system allow for you to do any kind of promtion


Seo is right on detail product page

allow you to put any keywords, meta decription of your product
allow customer buy in advance or after the date
allow customer choose sign up for notification when out of stock.


Set up your wholesale price, retail price, member price

allow you to set any price as you want or discount on quantity


Set up compare price

Do a research for customer, they just come in to see and make decision to buy the product at your store


Set up your auction

you can set up your penny auction or normal auction like ebay. to make your customer stay in your side longer