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The system allow you to run many store as you want, 1 admin back end control, multistore, multi domain.
Lets customers leave comments to products, categories, orders, etc., review products and write testimonials.
Gift certificates
Adds a built-in gift certificate system.
Access restrictions
Lets you limit storefront and administrator area access to certain IP-addresses with different options.
Age verification
Toggles age restriction rules for products and categories.
Anti fraud
Adds configurable security order verification using the Maxmind service to prevent fraud.
Digital product
Makes it possible to attach files to products.
Allows you to create text and visual banners.
Makes it possible to collect data about the best selling products and add a product block filling type to represent them.
Buy together
Allows you to set up share discounts on certain product combinations.
Catalog mode
Allows you to use the store as a product catalog.
Content Management System.
Also bought
Makes it possible to create a special block for the products often purchased along with the current one.
Data feeds
Makes it possible to create product data feeds in CSV.
Form builder
Lets you create custom forms (e.g. Contact us or Apply for partnership)
Gift registry
Lets customers create events, invite guests, make up their own and see the others' gift wish lists.
Google Analytics
Integrates a Google Analytics service with the store
Google export
Expands the Data Feeds add-on to work with Google Base and creates an example of such data feed.
Google sitemap
Creates a sitemap.xml for Google
Adds the Social Login feature; allows customers use Facebook, Twitter, etc. to log in on the store.
Live Help [Beta]
Adds a chat block for online help service.
My changes
A dummy add-on for easier hook design editing.
Adds the MYOB integration.
Order barcode
Makes it possible to configure and attach barcodes to orders.
Adds a possibility to add customized polls to the site
Price list
Generates configurable price list in PDF or XLS.
Product configurator
Makes it possible to create products with other products as options (e.g. lets customer select computer components among the store items upon purchase)
Integrates the Quickbooks accounting software with the store.
Recurring billing
Makes it possible to place periodic orders and set up status notifications
Required products
Makes it possible to specify products required for purchase.
Adds a return management system.
RSS feed
Generates RSS feeds for products, news and pages
Searchanise (beta)
Turns on the Searchanise fast search service.
Adds Search engine-friendly URLs support
SMS notifications
Allows you to set up administrator SMS order notifications.
Collects visitor statistics
Store Import
Store locator
Lets you place local stores on map and inform customers about their nearest stores
Enables product tags
Allows you to add watermarks to product and category images
Wish List
Lets customers store items in personal wish lists
manage your customer profile
Payment secure
the system follows PCI standard
help you to create any promotion as you want
Multi currency
help to set up all kind of currency
Multi language
help to set up all kind of language
All shipping
custom shipping and price as you want
Multi Tax
allow to set up every state , country in different % of Tax
Mobile version
Adds the mobile admin support.
Toggles and lets configure the affiliate system.
News & e-mails
Lets you manage site news and configure newsletter sending.
Reward points
Lets customers earn and spend points for purchases
Zoom image
help to see image bigger, sell more
Easy roll
customer are tired by clicking page to page, it will load when you roll , it helps to save time and sell more
Product Label
Product Label
Social login
Adds the Social Login feature; allows customers use Facebook, Twitter, etc. to log in on the store
Social network
Social media and e-mail share buttons (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
Adds supplier assignment support to products
question and answer - help support
Compare price
compare price with other sellers , to help your customer make decision to purchase
Similar products
allow to set related product with the main product
Google translate
Translates product descriptions via Google Translate API.
Order 1click
The user just clicks one button, enters his name and a phone number and the order is automatically created.
Delivery date
allows customers to choose a delivery date and time for their order.
Request to call
allows to add "Request a call" button to product details pages of your store and manage call requests in the admin back-end.
Margin statistic
To see how much you profit or lost after you sold an item
Quote /invoice
create a quote and turn into invoice for customer to pay
Additional product discounts - work like
Dailly Deal
it is a deal daily, your customer will come back your site everyday
Special sale
set up weekly sale with time
Abandoned Cart
allows you to send automatic e-mail notifications to customers who have added a product into a Cart but didn’t buy it
Google currency
useful for online store owners who need to update currency rates in the store automatically
Shop on map
allows you to add a block with Google or Yandex map with the detailed information about your shops located in your area.
allows you to export goods from your system to eBay and get a list of items purchased at eBay in the form of system orders.
Print shipping label
allows to generate Fedex/UPS/USPS/USPS Endicia shipping labels (you can choose one of each at the time) . coming soon
Product Review
allows customers to leave their product reviews by filling a ready-made review form sent by email automatically . coming soon
Product designer
Product designer is a must-have online design tool for any based e-commerce website selling clothes, bags, mugs, stickers, greeting cards, mouse pads and other products that can be personalized by a customer. This fully-featured product design tool allows customers to make their own design by choosing color, size, text, clipart, photo and buy the personalized product through a shopping cart. comming soon
Free auction
work like ebay
Penny auction
auction , work like


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Yes, Import customers, products, images and variations into your Bigcommerce store from a standard CSV file.
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The security is our #1 priority. We protect your site and data with the same military-grade security and encryption that the big banks use,
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We do recommend purchasing your own SSL certificate - We also offer too
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You can then select your new plan for sure
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you can upgrade or just buy new plan after free trial is expired
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Never. Payments are made month by month, But if you chose package to save ,then you have to go with it
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We do not refund
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Your store includes unlimited email accounts.
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